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Server Error: 'SmartObject property K2_Int_SiteUrl is a required property for selected method GetDesignerData. Value must be set'

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- When attempting to delete the workflow using the SharePoint UI and clicking yes on the confirmation, the workflow still exists.

- When attempting to delete the workflow in K2 Designer, it is also not possible.
- When attempting to edit the workflow, the following error is displayed:

"Server Error: SmartObject property K2_Int_SiteUrl is a required property for selected method GetDesignerData. Value must be set."


If a workflow was created and deployed using the K2 for Sharepoint user interface, and the Deployed Versions of the Workflow is then deleted using K2 Management or K2 Workspace Management, the issue will occur.   

Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve the issue, please perform the following steps:
- Access the K2 Application page for the same SharePoint List/Library
- Create a new workflow
- In the top menu, select Open > From Workflow Library and import the workflow with the same name as the List/Library
- Deploy the workflow
- Should you still need to delete the workflow, select the workflow in the K2 for SharePoint Application Screen and click Delete.

Note: When a Workflow created using the  K2 for SharePoint User Interface needs to be deleted, please also delete it using K2 for SharePoint User Interface.