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Unable to deploy workflow and an error message appears: "No logical space left to create more user strings"

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An error message appears while attempting to deploy a workflow from Visual Studio 2015:

"Unexpected error writing metadata to file '%file_path_and_name%' -- 'No logical space left to create more user strings."


This error message itself refers to hitting a .NET limitation. When you deploy a process it is compiled into a .NET assembly, and .NET limits the number of strings in the assembly. These strings are made up of Activities, Events, Data Fields, Escalations, etc.


To resolve this, you can eliminate any unnecessary Data Fields, XML Fields, Escalations or Events.

If this is not possible you may move out part of the process into a child process, and use an IPC event to execute it.

Another cause of this error can be a SmartObject reference to a SmartObject with more than 100 properties. In this case create a new method with the necessary properties only and then change the reference.