After upgrading K2 Five, you are unable to access the K2 site. The following error appears:

'No audiences configured for realm [k2site URL]'


The error message appears when navigating to K2 Designer, K2 Management and K2 Workspace.

System.IdentityMOdel.Protocols.WSTrust.InvalidRquestException: No audiences configured for realm: [k2_site_url/Runtime/…]


Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this issue, please do the following:

1. Stop the K2 Server service.

2. Verify that the tables show the same records in both: [K2].[Identity].[ClaimRealm] and [K2].[Identity].[ClaimAudience] Please see the examples below.


3. If there is data in RealmID in [ClaimRealm] not mapping with the [ClaimAudience] table, then update or clean up the records.

4. Restart the K2 service.