Once the K2 Service has been started via the console mode or within the services panel, you will see a flood of MSMQ errors. This happens within K2 Five, despite the fact that MSMQ has been removed here.


The following error appears:

"Message queue services has not been installed on this server"


To stop these errors from appearing within the logs or the console, you will need to do the following:

- Firstly, create a backup of the Hostserver.exe.config file.

- Find the Hostserver.exe.config file which can be located from the following directory: "Program Files (x86) >>> K2 Blackpearl >>> Host Server >>> Bin."

Remove the following entries here: 

  • msmqpath
  • msmqemptyqueueassembly
  • memqemtpyqueuetype
  • msmqemptymethodsignature

After this has been done, save the file and then restart the service. The errors should no longer appear within the console or the logs.