When trying to connect to the server with K2 Package and Deployment to create a package, an error is raised:

"1058 SourceCode.Deployment.Runtime.DeploymentServer not hosted!"


Start by validating the Assembly in the GAC and the {install location}K2\bin}.

In most cases where this error is raised a difference in assembly versions is observed. This seems to happen after a repair is done on K2 or the K2 Package and Deployment app (i.e. Uninstall and Reinstall).


To resolve this issue, reapply the  K2 Five Fix Pack that was present on the server. This will replace the and associated assemblies in the GAC and the {install location}K2\bin}. After validation of the assemblies, connection to the K2 server via K2 Package and Deployment will be possible and a package can be created.