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K2 components on SharePoint pages and K2 Workspace not responding

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The K2 components on SharePoint pages and K2 Workspace are not responding.


When accessing K2 Workspace, data is not loaded and the Workspace seems to be unresponsive. This issue includes K2 components on SharePoint pages where no data is loaded and with loading the worklist frame.

Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this issue, start by running the script below:

SELECT [S].[Status], COUNT([S].[Status]) AS [Count] FROM [K2].[Server].[ProcInst] AS [PI] WITH (NOLOCK)

INNER JOIN [K2].[ServerLog].[Status] AS [S]

ON [s].[StatusID] = [PI].[Status]

WHERE [s].[GroupName] = 'Process'

GROUP BY [S].[Status]

If the results contains an amount exceeding 20 running instances and the environment thread count is on a default of 20 threads, it is most likely the cause of the performance issue.

Be advised to log a ticket with K2 Support to assist with getting the environment into a responsive state again.