Using a 'Copy Calendar Event' method from a Calendar List SmartObject will result in a new event created on the target calendar. But if recurrence had been selected on the event being copied, this will not be copied over. This results in the event not being placed on a source calendar as expected.


Copied calendar events show a recurrence value of: 'No' after being copied from an item where the value is 'Yes.' The target calendar event will not show on the correct day\dates.


The copy event method has been confirmed as a bug and will be fixed in a future release of the product.

As a workaround to copy over a recurrence event from one calendar to another is to utilize a two-step  approach:

- Within a workflow, use a get list item event reference wizard to the source calendar.
- Then use the create list item event wizard and map in the references to create the item on the target calendar.