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The stack trace in error messages can help you or K2 Support to determine where the error is coming from. However, your company may have a security requirement that requires you to hide the stack trace from your users. This KB will provide you with instructions on how to hide your stack trace.

Before You Begin

Create a backup of [Program Files]\K2\K2 SmartForms Runtime\web.config.

If you want to hide the stack trace in Designer as well, then create a backup of [Program Files]\K2\K2 SmartForms Designer\web.config as well.

How-to Steps

  1. On the server that is hosting SmartForms, go to [Program Files]\K2\K2 SmartForms Runtime
  2. Edit web.config with a text editor
  3. Search for "ExtendedExceptionDetail"
  4. Change the value from "True" to "False". It should look like this when done:

    <add name="ExtendedExceptionDetail" value="False" />
  5. Save the changes
  6. If you want to hide the stack trace for Designer as well, then you need to make the same changes to the web.config in [Program Files]\K2\K2 SmartForms Designer
  7. Perform IISRESET to apply the changes.