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An error appears at the last part of database consolidation: Constraint, Proc, Index.

"Database consolidation was cancelled or failed. See log for more information."



The installer log generated by the tool shows the error "Could not re-encrypt."

It points to a particular entry in the [CustomUM].[User] table inside the K2SQLUM database where UserID=0 fails to get decrypted.

Troubleshooting Steps

Prior to running the consolidation tool, remove the entry on the table which fails to get decrypted:
DELETE FROM [K2SQLUM].[CustomUM].[User] WHERE [UserID] = 0

If this does not help, please ensure that the connection string (VariableValue) points to the SQL server instance where the single K2 database will be hosted:
SELECT [VariableToken], [VariableValue] FROM [K2HostServer].[HostServer].[Configuration]

Should there be a need to update a connection string, kindly log a K2 Support Ticket as direct manipulation of data stored inside the K2 database without the supervision of a K2 personnel could put you in an unsupported state.