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K2 connection Server error appears when trying to delete a K2 Connect destination that is no longer needed

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A K2 Connect Server error appears when trying to delete the K2 Connect destination that is no longer needed. As a result, the K2 Connect destination fails to get deleted.


The following error appears: 
"K2 Connect Server: There are related Application Instances to the underlying Destination.  Please remove the destination relation first."

Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this, please delete the Application Instance from the K2 Connect Administration Tool:

1. In the main window, under the "Registered Components" section, expand the "Application Server" node. (Application Server > [Server Name])
2. Right-click on the Application Instance listed. There should be a "Remove Application Instance" option shown.
3. Select the option to remove the Application Instance.
4. After it is done, you may proceed to delete the Destination and System.