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K2 blackpearl and K2 SmartForms configuration analysis shows IIS features warnings but all the required features are installed on the server.


All the required features are installed on the server. The server works just fine and there was no warnings reported after initial installation.


Configuration analysis may display IIS features warnings despite all the relevant features being installed on server. The installer fails to load the Server Manager module (Import-Module ServerManager) which is required to use the Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet used by the installer to check for presence of IIS features.

In this scenario the installer trace may contain the following lines:
">> Command: Import-Module ServerManager Get-WindowsFeature -Name NET-HTTP-Activation Expected Result: Installed System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException: Cannot find drive. A drive with the name 'D' does not exist. ---> System.Management.Automation.DriveNotFoundException: Cannot find drive. A drive with the name 'D' does not exist."

It shows that PowerShell tried to load a module from a non existing drive which is not someting that should happen normally. This happened after the server was restored after an outage, and the D drive was missing - the server had only unpartitioned the disk after the restore. Once we formatted the unpartitioned disk and assigned D drive to it, it fixed the Import-Module cmdlet problem (despite D drive being just an empty disk). This fixed the IIS features warnings and IIS application pool permissions errors.