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K2 servers within a K2 farm have K2 sites split differently into multiple sites on each server node. How to align them?

Before You Begin

To correct this you have to run the K2 Setup Manager in configure mode and on the Web Site Configuration step either select "Use an existing Web site" (if required site already exists) or "Create a new Web site". It is recommended to merge all split sites into the K2 site (this configuration is created by the Setup Manager by default), unless there is some very specific reason to have the sites split.

NOTE: Versions prior to K2 Five have separate SmartForms and Blackpearl installers, depending on your scenario you may need to run both of these Setup Managers

How-to Steps

Please complete these steps (pre K2 Five installations with two separate installers):

1. Start the K2 Blackpearl Setup Manager

2. Select Configure K2 blackpearl

3. Next, select Reconfigure K2 Server Farm

4. On the step "K2 Workspace Web Site Configuration" select or create the required site

5. Complete configuration process

6. Start the K2 SmartForms Setup Manger

7. Select Configure K2 SmartForms

8. On the step K2 Designer Web Site select or create the required site

9. On the step SmartForms Runtime Site Web Site select or create the required site

10. Complete the configuration process

11. Repeat the steps above for each server within the farm

12. Verify that the farm works fine and delete old/unnecessary sites in the IIS management console.