An error may appear when using a Task field in a reminder email.


On K2 Five, when a workflow uses the Task field properties in a reminder email, you may encounter any of the following errors:

  1. When running an instance of the workflow:
    "ActivityInstanceDestination property not available on given context"

    Please see this KB on the same error message.

  2. When deploying the workflow:
    "The escalation action 'Task Recipient Email' on activity 'Task' cannot use the activity instance destination user because it is not available on Activity Level"


Use the Set Data Fields step to map the Task field properties to Workflow Variables.

  1. Drag the Set Data Fields step on the same activity as where the Task is.
  2. Create new data fields for the Task field properties that will be placed inside the reminder email.

  3. Use the Variables under the Context Browser on the body of the reminder email.
  4. The instance will remain active until actioned. The destination user should be able to receive the reminder email after the period set has passed.