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K2 Cloud - Micro Service and Group Provider name length limitation (50 Character limit)

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Adding users to SharePoint Group memberships might not reflect in K2, causing issues with access and permissions like accessing Designer etc.

Any permission setup through a SharePoint Group might not work.

Micro Service currently has a limit of 50 characters for the SharePoint Provider name. SharePoint provider names are derived from the site title/displayname. 
If the site title is longer than 50 characters, the provider name will truncate anything more than 50 characters and use that as the provider name. This provider is then invalid and permission validation for this site will fail.


Issues arise when accessing K2 where the permission is granted to a SharePoint Group.
I.e: Users are added to a SharePoint Group which is set for K2 Solutions Designer permissions. These users then still cannot access the K2 Designer.


This is a product bug and will be addressed in the Micro Service soon.

Rename the site and ensure that the site Title / Display Name is less than 50 characters. Re-Activate the site as this will create a new SharePoint Provider with the shortened name.