When trying to install K2 for SharePoint along with the K2 App for SharePoint for a particular site, during the registration wizard process set up you get prompted to enter a valid K2 URL. This appears to be fine but going to the next stage an error does not allow you to proceed any further here. A repair of K2 for SharePoint does not resolve the issue. It appears that the error is in relation to a dll that is not present on the SharePoint server. 


After entering the valid K2 URL this error appears on the next step:

"Could not Load File Or Assembly SourceCode.Smartobjects.Services.Sharepoint.Integration.dll."

Troubleshooting Steps

The K2 for Sharepoint install will have to be run on the K2 server before attempting to deploy the app for the SharePoint site and to run the registration wizard for this successfully. After this you should no longer see the error appear and the wizard should complete as normal.