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HTML5 Designer - Register RER (Remote Event Receiver) before deployment, results in errors in the EventLogs

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HTML5 Designer - Register RER (Remote Event Receiver) before deployment, causing errors in the EventLogs ("Workflow not found").


There are no runtime implications here, you will only notice the errors being logged in the K2 Event Log.

Error details:
"25223 Process Portal OrphanRER\OrphanRER HTML Workflow not found"

[Assembly]: SourceCode.EventBus.SharePoint15.ProcessStarter, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=16a2c5aaaa1b130d
[Class]: SourceCode.EventBus.SharePoint15.ProcessStarter.ProcessStarter
[Method]: StartProcess

Use this sample script to find true orphan events. Please note the following:

If ProcSetFullName = NULL
This doesn't necessarily mean it's an invalid entry, ProcSet will only exist if there is a deployed version of the Workflow.

If DesignVersionExist = NULL
This means there is no Design Version for the Workflow.

If Both the ProcSetFullName and DesignVersionExist = NULL, it represents true orphans.

-- Maint check script -- PROCSETFULLENAME = NULL WF not deployed,DesignVersionExist = NULL WF Designtime version deleted
SELECT [WorkflowID], [Event], [WorkflowName], [ListID],[SiteURL],DESPROC.[Name] as DesignVersionExist, PROCSET.[Name] AS PROCSETFULLENAME
FROM [Integration].[ProcessSharePointWorkflowEvent]
INNER JOIN [Integration].[ProcessSharePointWorkflow] AS SPWORKFLOW
ON [Integration].[ProcessSharePointWorkflowEvent].WorkflowID = SPWORKFLOW.[ID]
ON [WorkflowName] = PROCSET.FullName
LEFT JOIN [Designer].[Process] as DESPROC
ON [WorkflowName] = DESPROC.[Name]
where PROCSET.[Name] is NULL and DESPROC.[Name] is NULL


There is no impact due to this error, it can be ignored. K2 is aware of this and is working on resolving this in K2 Five 5.2.