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Duplicate name error when add list item attachment event fires in workflow and the list already has existing attachments

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Duplicate name error when the 'add list item attachment' event fires in workflow and the list already has existing attachments.


The Workflow will enter an error state when the Add List Item attachment event is processing.
Message: "The specified name is already in use. The document or folder name was not changed. To change the name to a different value, close this dialog and edit the properties of the document or folder."


This is a common occurence if one uses the "Document Reference" as the source to upload the attachment from and the target is the same.

Essentially using this on the same list will try to upload the attachment from the same list back to the list and fail with the error. In this scenario one will not want to specify the "Document Reference."

Also see: http://help.k2.com/onlinehelp/k2cloud/userguide/current/default.htm#LegacyDesigntools/Workflow/Thin-Client-Wizards/List_Items_Wizards/Add_List_Item_Attachment/Add_List_Item_Attachment.htm?Highlight=Add%20List%20Item%20Attachment