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Slider control in Editable List row does not snap to correct value in K2 5.1

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The slider control in an Editable list row does not show the correct percentage (where slider should be located) when editing the row. The slider appears at the 0% location even if the value is at any value greater than 0. Resizing the window while editing causes the slider to snap to the correct location and each edit after causes the slider to show its correct location based on the percent value (so if the value was 50%, the slider would appear right in the middle when you go to edit instead of starting at the 0%).

Screen shot of error (notice the slider starts at the 0% location even though the value is 50%):


Screen shot of how it should behave/after you resize the window (notice the slider is at the correct position):



If you are using the slider to input a value range instead of typing a number, when you go to edit a value that already exists the slider will start at the 0% instead of the value it should be representing.


Resizing the browser window will cause the slider to auto-correct to its right position. Every edit after will cause the slider to be in its correct position when going to edit that value.