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Designer - Loop - Renaming LIST ITEMS reference causes errors on Deployment (Missing reference at ItemReferenceField) Error: Missing reference at ItemReferenceField 'Value' in Event 'SmartObject Method' in Activity 'SmartObject Method'.

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object.. Stack Location : K2Process 'MY Workflow' >Activity 'SmartObject Method' >SmartWizardEvent 'SmartObject Method' >SmartWizardConfiguration >ControlValueCollection >PropertyMapperRowValueCollection >Expression > Stack End"


You cannot deploy Workflow from K2 Designer.

Renaming the Item Reference created by a Loop step on the Loop step configuration panel does not rename the Reference fields that is used in the rest of the workflow which causes deployment errors.


This is a known product issue. This will be fixed in K2 Cloud Update 7 / K2 Five 5.3 expected to release in Q1 2019.


1. When creating a Item Reference from the Loops Step, don't rename the 'Item' reference.

2. Rename from the References context menu instead. If renaming from the References in the Context Browser it will also update all the Events where this field is used and you should not see any badging issues when done.