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K2 and SQL connection attempts

This article was created in response to a support issue logged with K2. The content may include typographical errors and may be revised at any time without notice. This article is not considered official documentation for K2 software and is provided "as is" with no warranties.


When K2 temporarily loses its connection to the SQL server hosting the K2 database, it will try to re-establish the connection for a number of times. After subsequent failed attempts, only then will the K2 service stop.

There are settings in the K2HostServer.exe.config file that we can tweak to set the number of attempts as well as the interval between each attempt.

Before You Begin

Make a backup of the K2HostServer.exe.config.

How-to Steps

The following settings in the K2HostServer.exe.config file determines:

  • dbconnretries: The number of times K2 will attempt to re-establish its connection to the SQL server 
  • dbconnretrydelay: The interval between each attempt (in milliseconds)

<add key="dbconnretries" value="100" />
<add key="dbconnretrydelay" value="30000" />  

The K2 service must be restarted for changes in the K2HostServer.exe.config to be reflected.