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4.7 March 2018 CU FP32 - K2 Studio crashes when editing workflow which uses custom assembly

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After applying 4.7 March 2018 CU FP32 K2 Studio crashes silently with an unhandled exception. It only happens when you edit a workflow which uses a custom assembly.


This is known issue which has been addressed in March 2018 CU FP35 see the following KB article for details - Hotfix: K2 Studio closes unexpectedly.


Apply K2 4.7 March 2018 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 35 or newer or use the following workaround when you cannot apply a newer FP:

Copy the file SourceCode.Security.Web.dll from directory "[InstallDir]\Host Server\Bin\SourceCode.Security.Web.dll' into directory "[InstallDir]\K2Studio\".