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Activity is referencing the 'Missing ID' that could not be found when using P&D tool

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A user receives an "Activity is referencing the 'Missing ID' that could not be found" error on multiple items when attempting to package using the Package and Deployment Tool.

This error can occur when a form is associated with a process, and the process has some properties that could not be found. In short, this can happen when a process and form are out of sync. Changes have likely been made to forms, controls, etc. and the workflow has not yet picked up on these changes.


User is unable to package using the Package and Deployment Tool.

Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this please do the following:

1. Open the relevant process in K2 Designer or K2 Studio, depending on what was used to create and edit the workflow.
2. For each of the SmartForms client events, select and open the wizard.
3. Walk through the wizard again, and when there is a page that needs to specify the form, remove the form from the field, and re-add it back (you may also need to update Item References if necessary).
4. Save and re-deploy the workflow.

After the above steps have been performed, try creating the package again. This process should update and re-sync everything together.