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"Server has already been added" error when executing the Package and Deployment tool

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When the user wants to run the Package and Deployment tool, which the user downloaded by adding "/remote" behind the URL of the Management site, the user receives the following error:

[Server] has already been added.


This error occurs as a result of there being two exact same connection strings, referring to the same server in the config file.


Please follow these steps to resolve the error:

1. Download the Package and Deployment tool by adding "/remote" behind the url of the management site.
2. Extract the downloaded tool to see the .exe and .config file.
3. Open the .config file and look under the connection strings tag.
4. You will find two connection strings that are the same. Remove the duplicate connection string and save the file.

 After this the .exe tool file can be executed and the tool will open up and navigate to the first screen to select the server.