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Workflow Task Step sends the Escalation email to the same user(s) multiple times

This article was created in response to a support issue logged with K2. The content may include typographical errors and may be revised at any time without notice. This article is not considered official documentation for K2 software and is provided "as is" with no warranties.


Task Reminders (Escalations) are sent multiple times to users from a Group when using the "All as a Collection" Destination setting.

The customer reported an issue where users were receiving escalation emails multiple times for the same escalation.

The following steps were used to reproduce the issue on a DENALLIX Machine.

1. Create a new workflow that contains a single task.
2. The task is assigned to the "DENALLIX\Administrators" group.
3. Set a Reminder (Escalation) that sends an email to the following:
* Users and Groups (OOB SmartObject)
* Get Emails for Group Users
* K2 Security Label
* K2:DENALLIX\Administrators (group)
* "All items as a Collection" setting
4. Save, Deploy and start a new Workflow Instance.
5. You will notice when the Reminder (Escalation) fires then the Destination Users (K2:DENALLIX\Administrators Group) each receive multiple emails for the Reminder (Escalation).


After investigating it was determined that the behavior observed regarding multiple notifications being sent is not a bug but a side effect from the Default Planning options in the New Workflow Designer.

In the Thick Client Designer there are multiple options:
1. Plan Just Once
2. Plan Per Destination

The Default for Thin client is Plan per Destination which means each time an Escalation is fired it will send emails for each of the destination users the Event was planned for.

This has been raised as an issue with Product management. The team will investigate the Level of Effort needed to implement the additional planning option to make sure there are feature parity for this specific scenario in the Think Client.

At this point it is unknown when the work will be completed and will have to be managed through the CAM and the Product Management team to determine Priority and resources to get this into the product stack.


As this seems like expected behavior in the K2 Product stack it falls out of the scope of Product Support.

The workaround currently is to deselect the "Resolve groups to users" option in the Results/Voting tab of the Task Event so only one slot will be created.

Configuring the recipients of the Reminders (Escalations) require a bit more work.
If you select "Send to task participants" it may try to use an email of the group and most groups don't have that.

So we have a field in the DB that will be either the group or a user and the escalation will get the emails of this field and send the escalation to those emails.