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When loading a form, the focus is set to the lowest rich text control on the form. This occurs due to a know issue with the RadEditor from Telerik that is used in the rich text control. The focus has to be brought to these controls for their content handlers to be registered properly. According to Telerik, this cannot be avoided so a workaround must be used to avoid this behavior. 


This happens when at least one rich text control is present on a form. The form loads and focuses on the last rich text control that the form contains.


Please use the following as a workaround:

1. Edit the form that is exhibiting this behavior

2. Edit the initialization rule for the form

3. Add one of the following actions to the end of the rule depending on how your views and forms are configured:

  • Execute a control's method
  • Execute a view control method
  • Execute a subview control's method
  • Execute a view control's method that was opened in a subform
  • Execute a form control's method that was opened in a subform


4. Select the Focus method.