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In the Designer, if you move a "SmartObject Event" into a new "Group", you will encounter validation issues on deployment, if references were used in the "SmartObject Event:"

Missing reference at ItemReferenceField 'ID'  in Event 'SmartObject Method' in Activity 'SmartObject Method'. Error: Could not resolve the SmartObject property field.. Stack Location : K2Process 'My Workflow' >Activity 'SmartObject Method' >SmartWizardEvent 'SmartObject Method' >SmartWizardConfiguration >ControlValueCollection >PropertyMapperRowValueCollection >Expression > Stack End.


This validation error is blocking workflow deployment.


This is a known issue and will be addressed in a future release of K2.

Remap all the Reference fields used as inputs on the SmartObject Event after moving it into the group. An alternative is to group before you map the inputs.