There is a known problem with K2 CMS components where a reboot will cause the MSI installer to fire each boot cycle.
There is a known problem with CMS components installer.

A system reboot will cause the MSI installer to fire. This results in continuous reboots.

When the CMS installer was created it included a component called “Automatic Updates”. When the system boots up the “Automatic Updates” component attempts to check for updates and fails resulting in the continuous system reboot.

The following workaround was found to resolve the issue. You are required to delete certain registry entries (see instructions below) that were created when the AutoUpdate software was installed. This will prevent it form starting up when the PC reboots.
  1) Open up regedit.
  2) Navigate to:
  3) Delete the entries for:
ISUSPM Startup
  4) Subsequent reboots should not attempt CMS re-installs.
The next version of the CMS installs does not include the AutoUpdate components. If, however a user updates to SP2 they will still need to disable the autoupdate manually because the update to SP2 will not remove the autoupdate components and the registry entries.