A CMS client event submit will cause any workflow that improperly triggers on a CMS submit to launch another process instance.

How to Reproduce the behavior:
Run the K2.net 2003 Integration assistant from CMS to K2-enable the CMS channel's submit event. Submit a posting in this channel. The K2 process will be started. Using a CMS Server event in the K2 process, submit the posting. This will trigger the start of a new K2 process, orphaning the current process.

A second process has started even though no secondary CMS-driven event has occurred.

1.  Obtain the new hot-fix binary files from the K2 Support team:
  • Support Portal: http://portal.k2.com/ (login required)
  • Call Center:  1-877-8 CALL K2  1-877-8 CALL K2 ( 1-877-822-5552  1-877-822-5552 )
2.  Copy the attached binary files from the mail to the following location on your system:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Content Management Server\Server\IIS_CMS\K2v3
3.  From the Visual Studio Command Prompt, type:
gacutil /i "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Content Management Server\Server\IIS_CMS\K2v3\CMSK2EventModule\CMSK2EventModule.dll" /f
4.  From the Visual Studio Command Prompt, type:
gacutil /cdl

Stop and restart the IIS service (or type IISReset from the Windows command prompt).

Note: SP2 is scheduled to resolve this issue