“A database error occurred” exception/message can be caused by insufficient file system access rights for the user context that the K2.net 2003 Server runs as.

    • The K2.net® 2003 Server service fails to start when tracing is enabled in the K2Server.config file
    • When attempting to run K2.net 2003 Server in console mode (with tracing disabled), the server starts successfully. However when trying to plan a new process, the following error message "A database error occurred" is displayed
    • In the client application "A database error occurred" System.Exception is thrown when trying to plan a K2.net® process
    • K2Error.txt file is not created
    Provide the K2.net® 2003 Service user write access to the folders where K2.net 2003 was installed. The default installation directory is: "C:\Program Files\K2.net 2003\Bin"
    Additional Information:
    A possible exception stack trace:
    System.Exception: A database error occured
     at Client.Throw(String s, Exception e)
     at Client.InternalCall(UInt32 sock, ArchiveX ar, Int32 hdr)
     at SourceCode.K2ROM.Connection.CreateProcessInstance(String ProcName, Int32 Version)
     at SourceCode.K2ROM.Connection.CreateProcessInstance(String ProcName)
    Shown below is the error while K2.net 2003 Server is running in console mode.
    Note: The K2.net® Service must not be running or else console mode will fail to start.


    The following browser error may also result:
    Note: You will need to turn off custom error handling in the web.config file, this is case sensitive.
    <customErrors defaultRedirect="Error_Page.htm" mode="Off"/>