An error is encountered after the K2 blackpearl Configuration Manager is run reconfiguring the system. Applications that use SSO (Single Sign On) and Cache Credentials are later affected when users attempt to authenticate their user credentials.

Error Scenario

When the K2 blackpearl Configuration Manager is run, changes are made to the stored and encrypted credentials inconsistently. Owing to this, certain integrated applications will be unable to authenticate against the security provider and an error will be generated.

The error is encountered by systems under the following conditions:
  1. The system uses SSO and Cache Credentials (More commonly K2 connect for SAP)
  2. The K2 blackpearl Configuration Manager is run on an existing system; i.e. a system that is completely setup, configured and is functional - able to authenticate users using SSO and Cache Credentials

An example error message is displayed below.
Note: This example is specific to K2 connect for SAP; in practice any integrated system that utilizes SSO and Cache Credentials will encounter the same issue, producing application specific error messages.


As an intermediary solution, the issue can be resolved by re-caching the credentials of the users that have been affected.