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Querying BAPIs that expose SAP Internal Tables throws an error

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When a developer attempts to call a BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) using the K2 connect Test Cockpit and the BAPI selected exposes SAP Internal Tables, an error is thrown.

Error Scenario

Note: The following error scenario is one scenario where the error is known to occur. Not all steps are shown to reproduce the error.

The error occurs when the query passed into the BAPI requests an internal table within the BAPI structure which is seen as a structure but is a collection.

Error when the K2 connect Test Cockpit is used

  1. Create a service object using the K2 connect for SAP Service Object Designer
  2. Use a BAPI for example HRRCF_GET_PROFICIENCY_HELPLIST, and add the GetList method
  3. Publish the service object, and enable Create as SmartObject
  4. Open the K2 connect Test Cockpit and run a query for example pass in the Qualification Group which is an integer (Eg: 60061132)
  5. The following error is thrown:

  6. Error when using the K2 connect Test Cockpit 

Error when the SmartObject Services Tester is used

If the error shown above, generated by the K2 connect Test Cockpit is ignored, and the developer continues to develop the application and creates a SmartObject based on the current service object, the following error will be thrown if the SmartObject Service tester is used

Error Resolution

Note: If any K2 connect queries have been run, it is mandatory that the K2 blackpearl Server is stopped during the update.
  1. Ensure that Microsoft Visual Studio is closed (especially when installed on the same machine as K2 connect Server, this is required to update / replace assemblies)
  2. Stop the K2 connect Server
  3. Stop the K2 blackpearl Server, (see note above)
  4. Install the Hotfix
  5. Restart the K2 blackpearl Server
  6. Restart the K2 connect Server
  7. Rerun the query using K2 connect for SAP Test Cockpit, or the SmartObject Services Tester

This Hotfix is contained within the lastest K2 connect for SAP Update. The latest K2 connect for SAP Update is available as an independant installation package which can be found here: http://portal.k2.com/downloads/k2connect/default.aspx