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K2 connect Hotfix: K2 connect Support for ERPConnect Version 4

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K2 connect for SAP has been enhanced to support ERPConnect version 4.


Obtaining ERPConnect

When developing solutions against SAP using K2 connect for SAP, ERPConnect is included in the download and provided that only development using K2 connect for SAP is being done, the ERPConnect instance installed on the machine is licensed.

Important: The ERPConnect version provided with K2 connect for SAP is a specific version compiled and created specifically for use with K2 connect for SAP.

Installing ERPConnect

ERPConnect 4 must be installed prior to making use of the enhancements, updates and or fixes that the K2 connect for SAP update KB000674 - K2 connect Update (4.10060.1.674) will put into effect.

Note: For existing installations, ERPConnect version 3 must be uninstalled first before installing ERPConnect version 4

Error Resolution

This Hotfix is contained within the latest K2 connect for SAP Update.