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K2 4.5 High Priority Fixes

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.

KB001289 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.5 and K2 blackpoint 4.5 that have now been resolved.

Issues Resolved:

K2 Server

  • When enabling database logging by setting the ArchiveLog extension to true in the HostServerLogging.config file, the LogArchive table remains empty and no entries are written to the database.
  • The Eventbus Server will execute a Custom Assembly not registered in the Assemblies.config file. Validation has been added to runtime which displays an error stating that the execution of the assembly is not allowed if it is not registered in the config file.
  • SharePoint Group Provider - User2 / GroupUsers tables in the Host Server database grows extensively. 

K2 Designers and Wizards

  • If a K2 process containing a Reference Event wizard goes into an error state the Reference Event does not retain any settings if opened in Process Management.
  • When an InfoPath Integrated process is used in the K2 Studio Process Helper where an InfoPath form has multiple views the second view replaces the first view when different views are selected on different activities.
  • A “List does not exist” error is received as soon as a user tries to open K2 Designer for SharePoint with the “Create K2 Process” option. The error is received when the user does not have access or rights to the Parent Site and only has access to the sub site. When sub sites are setup with no permission inheritance from the main site, each site has its own permission set. For the K2 Designer for SharePoint to function correctly the user required rights on the parent site.
  • When renaming a data field used in a K2 Designer for SharePoint deployed process, the process breaks at runtime as the data fields are blank.
  • Certain actions within the K2 Designer for SharePoint could cause a K2 Environment to become unresponsive, such as using a Create List Item event or Copy List Item event which would result in a timeout error during the gathering of the lists. 
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint the Call Sub Process event does not connect to any port other than the default, if no port was specified.
  • When attempting to activate/deactivate the 'K2 Designer for SharePoint Menu Item' from the Site Settings -> Site Features page for a site, if the user that is logged onto SharePoint does not have rights to write to the event log, it fails with the following error: "Failed to Log Error. Log source [K2SharePointProcessDesigner] failed to write."
  • In K2 Designer for SharePoint the watermark feature for User Task wizard was not displaying.
  • When changing the outcomes in K2 Designer for SharePoint in certain processes, the changes are not reflected as expected, and the designer closes unexpectedly.
  • When adding runtime participants in a K2 Designer for SharePoint process and resolving the users on the instantiation page results in an "Object required on instantiation page" error when the process is started.
  • If you configure an Exchange Send Meeting Request event in K2 Designer for SharePoint, on the meeting attendees page, the context browser does not expose users/groups to use in the Required Attendee's page. When using the usernames by dragging and dropping them in fields the e-mail of that specific user should be used and not the username.
  • When using a Copy List Item Event in the K2 Designer for SharePoint to copy a list item to another list, an error stating "Error setting metadata fields - Fields do not match, not able to update field" was displayed at runtime.
  • In the K2 Designer for SharePoint when actions are added and the Next button is clicked the actions are not available in the outcomes action rules. If the "auto generate outcomes" checkbox is not selected and the action rule is added to existing outcomes you cannot select the new action. The outcomes added are not available. Only if the finish button is selected and then the actions page is edited would the outcomes be available.
  • In the escalations component of the K2 Designer for SharePoint when choosing "Load HTML Template" on the notification email and the template canvas is left blank , selecting “OK” will result in an exception. Validation has been added to prevent the user from selecting OK if the template is blank.
  • When creating a Reusable Content type of Text within the advanced mode of the SharePoint Publishing Event Wizard, the Content Type is not set as "Reusable Text" in SharePoint at runtime.
  • Deploying two processes containing SharePoint Events wizards from the same K2 project causes an error to occur.
  • Task forms do not support Multi-select columns, the form will not render the multi-select control but instead renders a textbox with the values delimited.
  • An exception occurs stating "Exception : Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when accessing the event properties in the SmartObject Events wizard.
  • If you create a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process using a document Library or List containing a column of type ‘People/Group’ and the column is used as a data field on the start form, once the user enters a value in the field without clicking the resolver, the user will not be populated in the column.
  • When custom notifications are configured in K2 Designer for SharePoint on a List and the wizard is finished the custom notification will be saved, however, when opening the wizard again and selecting the Finish button rather than running through the entire wizard the customized notification resets to its default state. Similarly, when configuring a custom notification and the order of the columns/data fields are changed on the form the custom notification will be overwritten with the default notification message.
  • When using an InfoPath Client Event, on the page titled "General Event Settings", there is an option labelled "Who is allowed to finish Worklist Item" allowing the options of ’Only the destination user’ or ’Any user’. The functionality, ’allow any user’ did not function in K2 blackpearl and the option "Who is allowed to finish Worklist Item" has been removed.
  • Issues experienced with Person/Group field in the user form. These included the book icon to view Active Directory, the form can be submit even though the field is required and is left blank and the Person/Group field will not act as the destination user.
  • SharePoint Generated pages displays a JavaScript error when using Data field with type Person/Group (People Picker) with spaces in the name of the data field.
  • Issues experienced when using the Active Directory Integration in K2 Designer for Visual Studio or K2 Studio on the Advanced Settings Page for example Organizational Units are not listed alphabetically.
  • When project references are added to your K2 solution and the "Add" button is clicked on the first step of the Reference Event Wizard, K2 Designer for Visual Studio will close and an error stating that a project reference cannot be cast as an application reference will be displayed.
  • Inline Functions screens were not using the correct controls per data type but were using text box controls. For example, Radio buttons with true/false for boolean and date pickers for Date.
  • When configuring credentials as a specified account in the K2 Designer for SharePoint Run As screen, the number of characters for the password should be 20 characters and not 21 characters.
  • When creating a K2 Designer for SharePoint process on a sub site with the site column of type lookup from the parent site and the Update Document Wizard is used to update the metadata, the wizard cannot be opened and an error will be displayed.
  • In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 when adding references to a project other than a K2 project, for example, a website or custom application that is set to use the .NET 4 framework, only the .NET 4 SourceCode assemblies would be available to choose from in the .NET tab. In this Update the .NET 3.5 Sourcecode assemblies have now been added and will be visible together with the .NET 4.
  • The SharePoint Lists and Libraries wizard was not able to use a process data field for the List Template.
  • On the CRM wizard in K2 Designer for Visual Studio or K2 Studio select a "CREATE" action and proceed to the attributes page, only supply a value for the last required field, the wizard is not able to complete, but no errors are displayed.
  • When chaining an Active Directory wizard it starts in Advanced mode.
  • When selecting a property that has a value supplied on the User Details Page in the Active Directory Wizard, the value's text must be the same as the property name, otherwise it is extremely difficult to read what the value is when a property is selected.
  • Previously, only a folder could be added in a Document Library and not in a List. Now a folder can be added in both libraries.
  • Custom notifications loose spacing causing the message to appear all on one line. As soon as the task notification is edited by changing the mail format from text to html the line break is not generated, only new line characters.
  • Moving documents that have more than one content type from one SharePoint library to another library does not function correctly. An error stating "File copy failed - Required Metadata field not specified" is displayed.
  • When an error occurs on an IPC event an IPC error is created. In the Error Profiles in K2 Workspace Management Console when retrying an IPC error, the error is removed but never retried.
  • Pre- K2 4.5 process project kprx would not open in K2 4.5 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 this resulted in the process being unusable, EventItems that did not have any UI components in the DocumentView or empty methods.
  • When configuring the Records Management wizard to create a new hold an error is generated at runtime stating “Server was unable to process request. ---> Error creating hold List:..."
  • The K2 process project will not load in K2 Studio as a result of a corrupt KPRX issue.
  • An error occurs when assigning an Inline Function to a string data field. The error states 'Object of type 'System.String' cannot be converted to type 'System.Decimal[]&apos'.
  • With InfoPath Integration, when a user attempts to open a worklist item the URL for the form is populated incorrectly, which results in the form’s XML opening in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • When deploying Workflow Integrated processes in a distributed environment to a SharePoint Web Application where there is no site in the root the deployment fails due to a site that does not exist in the root.


  • In Update KB001230 we introduced a new method to better handle Integrated Windows Authentication when using a username and password. In the code only the username was stored and not the domain\username combination that is normally stored with Windows Authentication methods used by K2 software. This would result in errors such as "Provider not found for Label K2" when using the WorkflowManagementServer.GotoActivity() method to perform a GOTO and thereby authenticating an integrated connection string.
  • Mismatch between Workflow Management client side and server side APIs - causing a "Method could not be resolved!" exception when they are used on the client API.
  • K2 Custom Lists breaks SharePoint OData Service References.
  • When creating a list item with the SharePoint SmartObject Service (V1) an invalid cast exception is generated.

SharePoint Integration

  • K2 Web Parts do not connect to the correct settings page in document libraries.
  • When the user clicks cancel on the ASP Association page in SharePoint, the user will be redirected back to the K2 Site Settings page instead of the SharePoint Workflow Settings page.
  • In SharePoint 2010 when decreasing the size of the window of the web part, one of the Pie Chart slices changes from a proportionate size to the minimum size allowed.
  • The item link of an Uploaded Document created inside a folder that is returned by the SharePoint SmartObject Create Method is incorrect as it leaves out the folder name causing the file not to open when users click on the link to open the file.
  • When upgrading from K2 blackpearl 0807 to K2 4.5 a process errors while uploading forms to SharePoint and updating metadata. An error stating "Key could not be found in the collection." is displayed and is caused by a SmartObject that is used to format the date when updating the metadata.
  • A new Reporting Solution feature was added as a web part on K2 Process Portal and the solution was added to extended sites but it did not function on the extended sites. This was a result of the specific entries not being added for the extended web application when the feature was activated.
  • When K2 is setup to use a port other than 5555, Form Services will try to use port 5555 rather than the configured port.

K2 Workspace

  • In K2 Workspace an error occurs on the Goto Activity if the activity's name contains an Ampersand. For example, an activity named "A & B" will result in an error stating ’cannot find activity B’.
  • When assigning publish rights to either a SharePoint or an AD Group in Management Console, an error is thrown in SharePoint when attempting to deploy SmartObjects.
  • The Management worklist web part does not display the tasks from all the workflows. The web part displays tasks from 2 workflows and the 3rd workflow does not appear on the web part. This meant that the Management worklist Web part settings could not be changed once chosen because the settings menu item was missing.
  • An error occurs when viewing a custom report created from a SQL SmartObject based on tables or views.
  • If there are numerous or long names to be displayed in the Activity Graph Report in the Reporting web parts, the activity text does not display correctly and cannot be read.
  • Environment Fields containing special characters were not supported in K2 Workspace.
  • When creating a new Process Schedule and a start date in the past is set a validation error is returned, however, no validation is done when editing a Process Schedules date time to reflect a date in the past no validation is done and the schedule is created.
  • For scheduled workflows, when the SQL Server is stopped for a period of time and then re-started it causes the scheduled workflow not to fire. A database login failure occurs after stopping and starting the SQL Server Service.
  • K2 Workspace had a JScript function with the name ‘$’ which caused issues when doing a SharePoint query as the JQuery already contained a ‘$’ function.
  • In K2 Workspace Management Console a user is unable to save process rights when attempting to revoke rights to a specific process in a list. An "Archive Buffer Overflow" error message is received.
  • Deleting Service Instances or refreshing the SQL Server Service instance consumes a large amount of memory resulting in timeouts.

K2 Process Portals

  • K2 Designer for SharePoint processes are designed to prevent a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process set to start manually, to be started from K2 Workspace Management Console. This functionality was however not implemented for process portals resulting in an undescriptive error message being generated when starting a process in process portals.
  • Unable to update a Notification Event stored in K2 Workspace. An "Object reference not set to an instance..." error is displayed when the finish button on the Notification Designer is clicked.

K2 SmartObjects

  • When using the SmartObject Filter on a GetList method to search for items where a column is empty would return no results and no error was displayed. For example, when defining a Text type column in SharePoint, and no values were added, SharePoint did not set the value as an empty string, but as a NULL value.
  • When a Property of a SmartObject is reordered by moving it up or down using the move buttons and the SmartObject is redeployed K2 Designer for Visual Studio will raise a warning that the moved Property is not used. For example, "SmartProperty Claim_Name is not used".
  • An error stating "The smartobject(s) does not exist" occurs when a SmartObject is renamed and an association is created with the mappings set to create automatically in the Advanced mode of the SmartObject Designer.
  • When calling Process Data SmartObjects using the API a runtime error occurs stating "ProcInstID is not set". The parameter defined is "ProcessInstanceID", however the service object underneath expects "ProcInstID".
  • When a SharePoint List is selected rather than the Lookup List to create a SmartObject , the List is auto selected by default, however the SmartObjects are not created. Spaces in the List name would also break the SmartObject page.
  • An error stating "The given key was not present in the dictionary" occurs when assigning a NULL value in K2 Studio to a SharePoint SmartObject property of type filename or SharePoint column of type NULL.
  • When assigning an XML field to the "Attachment Name" parameter in a SmartObject an error stating "The given key was not present in the dictionary" is displayed.
  • When using the Workflow Reporting SmartObject results in an error when passing the "DataValue" parameter. The error states "The datatypes ntext and nvarchar are incompatible with the equal to operator".
  • SmartObject Input Properties are not set correctly by the SmartObject Web Service.
  • The SQL SmartObject is not created from a SQL Table, View or Stored Procedure that contains a space or special characters.
  • When using a SharePoint SmartObject's Load, Create or GetList method that contains a document or list library or folder name which contains a space, the URL is incomplete and the link to open the folder\library or list will be not open as expected.

K2 Installation and configuration

  • When moving K2 database instances or changing the server name of the database, the Connection String to the databases are not updated. This results in an error when attempting to open any of the K2 Out-of-the-box Reports.
  • An error stating "Error occurred trying to set required SharePoint Permissions for the Deployment Application Pool" occurred when applying K2 settings to a site collection from K2 for SharePoint tab in Central Administration.
  • An "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error occurs when activating all K2 features and Configuration Settings after Update KB001230 is applied in certain K2 environments.
  • Activation of the Deployment Account in SharePoint Central Administration does not update when changing them on Multiple Web Front Ends.


Issue Resolutions

Install the latest K2 4.5 update to resolve the issues listed above.