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K2 4.5 High Priority Fixes

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.

KB001419 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.5 and K2 blackpoint 4.5 that have now been resolved.

Issues Resolved:

K2 Server

  • Using SQL Authentication in the HostServer.config connection string causes the RoleProvider to be invoked by the logged in user's credentials instead of the Service account. This results in the ThreadUser having no credentials and URM then fails with Access Denied.
  • IdentityService - CacheStatus: When a user has been cached but not resolved and a query is made to get the user's manager, it only checks the expiry date instead of also checking if the user is resolved or not.
  • IdentityService - When a group with one user in it is resolved the group is cached, however, if the user is removed from the group in Active Directory and the  groupMembers are expired in the cache. When the group is resolved again so that the cache updates, the user is not removed as a member of the group.
  • K2 database lock encountered with errors stating "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint ’PK__ ProcInst'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ’dbo._ ProcInst".
  • Duplicate entries occur in the K2 Database. UserPreference table result in the failed creation of a constraint on the table during an upgrade to K2 4.5 KB001170.
  • Identity Service - When searching for users and one of the providers is misconfigured no users are returned.
  • An index was created after the 4.5 release and before the 1390 release on the ActionActInstRights table called 'IX_dbo_ActionActInstRights_ProcInstID_ActInstID_Includes'. To conform to standards, this index had to be renamed to IX_dbo_ActionActInstRights_ProcInstID_ActInstID in 1390. However, the drop statement for the old name incorrectly checked if the new index existed, causing the old index not to be dropped. Due to this, the ActionID column could not be updated.

K2 Designers and Wizards

  • When using the InfoPath Wizard in K2 Studio an error occured when clicking on design, if a data connection had been converted.
    Error Message: The solution has not been opened. The following error occurred on opening: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • In the Item Reference Event wizard in K2 Studio an Object reference error occurs when the CRM option is selected.
  • Unable to reference another list using the ID in the SharePoint List Reference Event.
  • When creating a folder using a SharePoint List Item Event, the folder is not created at runtime.
  • There is no security on the "SharePoint Sites" listing in the K2 Designer for SharePoint Context Browser based on the current user. If the SharePoint AppPool account is used as the AppPool for the K2 Designer for SharePoint and Event Web directories in IIS, then it uses that account to pull up the list of all of the SharePoint sites with an active Environment Library defined for a site collection. We’ve added a setting (available from K2 Support) to allow K2 Designer for SharePoint to show only the current SharePoint site in the context browser.
  • Data fields are being logged to the K2 Server Log even if the ’Keep Log’ checkbox is not selected, which results in data fields displaying in the Process Instance Report when they should not be displayed.
  • When saving an expression configured within a task's destination set in K2 Designer for SharePoint an object reference error occurs.
  • A deployment error occurs in K2 Designer for SharePoint when using the "Group" function within the GetList filter.
  • When using the Expression builder inline function in K2 Designer for SharePoint an Object reference error occurs at deployment.
  • In K2 Design for SharePoint when editing a SmartObject the fields that are not selected (unchecked) are populated with values.
  • In K2 Design for SharePoint when editing a SmartObject after a process has been created and Deployed the field data does not clear once it is deselected.
  • In certain circumstances an error occurs when opening K2 Designer for SharePoint on MOSS sites.
  • When configuring the settings of any escalation in K2 Designer for SharePoint by checking the "Repeat After" checkbox, the workflow will fail to deploy. If the failed processs is edited and the check is removed from the "Repeat After" checkbox the process will deploy but will result in the same escalation email being sent multiple times.
  • An "Access Denied" Script error occurred when loading the K2 Designer for SharePoint.
  • K2 Designer for SharePoint removes e-mail formatting on the Custom Notifications.
  • When editing the Copy List Item wizard in K2 Designer for SharePoint and changing an item on the first screen, for example the name and then clicking the Finish button an error occurs.
  • A renamed process will now deploy using the new name when renamed and not the previous name.
  • When fields of different types are used in conjunction in the "Set Folio" event the process instance falls into error state due to conversion of fields failing. Enhanced to ensure that regardless of which field types are used, how many are used, and in which order they are used, they should all be converted to STRING automatically when used in the "Set Folio" event.
  • When updating a CRM Entity, required input properties were not validated. The feature has been enhanced to validate that the required fields box has been enabled.
  • The Active Directory Event Wizard does not allow for Datafields/XML to be used i.e. (ellipse button as shown in the documentation). A common control was put in place, which didn’t have the ellipsis button, so the button was added manually to the decline wizards.
  • In the SmartObject Wizard in K2 Designer for SharePoint validation has been added to ensure that changes made are saved when the user navigates back after changes are made.
  • K2LDAP label is not included when you search via the dropdown control in the K2 Studio context browser, search for users and groups.
  • In K2 Designer For SharePoint the parent node of Favourites has been enhanced so that it can be added as a destination.
  • When trying to upload a document into a document library, the workflow starts but can’t find the document to upload. Error Message: Server was unable to process request. ---> File: Test.xlsx could not be found.
  • The K2 Designer for SharePoint  Xml_UnexpectedTokenEx has a reverse proxy issue.

 SharePoint and InfoPath Integration

  • An error occurred when setting metadata fields.  Error Message: Server was unable to process request. ---> Error setting metadata fields - Fields do not match.User: K2\James Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: User cannot be found. at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUserCollection.get_Item(String loginName) at SourceCode.SharePoint.WebServices.K2SPFunctions.K2SPUsersGroupsFunctions.GetUserId(SPObject spObject, String userLoginName).
  • Using a SharePoint Workflow Integration Process with custom ASP pages on a Non English site collection results in a error stating "The content type of a workflow task must be derived from the Workflow Task content type".
  • Processes instantiated from within Microsoft office Clients for example Word will no longer attempt to open the InfoPath XSN file but will open the .ASPX file.
  • SSL sites now successfully approve processes published to them.
  • K2 SharePoint Workflow inteagrated process that usses InfoPath Forms technology is now able to resolve groups when checking if the logged on user has process start rights.
  • Enhanced with a longer time out period for deployment for SharePoint Workflow Integrated processes.
  • The Report Server URL in the K2 For SharePoint Configuration Connection Settings is a legacy control and has been removed.
  • Fields were not being added to the SharePoint Task Form in the SharePoint Workflow Integration Event when in Advanced mode.
  • Account names incorrectly displayed for groups within claims sites due to a K2 Designer for SharePoint process rights issue.
  • The SharePoint People Picker will validate the contents of the field when add or remove is clicked

K2 Workspace

  • Various issues encountered on Drill down reports. These included the saving, layout of parameters and buttons not functioning.
  • Additional "Order By" feature added to enable better final filtering for high volume returns on Worklists.

 K2 SmartObjects

  • SmartObjectSmartObject Services - Need to escape characters when doing the CRUD methods as an issue occurs when a SmartObject property name starts with a numeric value.
  • If the Display name and Group fields are not populated when configuring a SmartObject, an object Reference error occurs when trying to start a new process in K2 Designer for SharePoint.
  • Using a SmartObject load method specifying a valid ID causes a "Key could not be found in the dictionary" error at runtime.
  • A runtime error occurs when trying to add a Microsoft Exchange Metadata SmartObject.
  • Previously copying an exisitng SmartObject would prevent deployment as the original and copy had the same GUID. This has been enhanced so that when a copy is created a new GUID is always assigned to the copy. If the copy is retained in the same project, the copy's file name is renamed to "SmartObject - Copy". If copied to a new project and then later deployed; if the SmartObject names are the same, the system will warn the user to change the SmartObject, althouth the GUID would already have been changed and is unique.
  • When the method names of SmartObjects were altered and then the user navigated away, the updates were lost. A check has been introduced to ensure that when the user navigates away the changes are saved.
  • When using the SmartObjectWizard in K2 Designer for SharePoint for SharePoint, the wizard ignores the checkboxes and attempts to assign the inputs for all properties. This is on a CRM SmartObject. A change was made to check the checkboxes and assign fields to only the selected fields.
  • Issues experienced with the SmartObject Method types when using the the SmartObject Wizard in K2 Designer for SharePoint. 
  • When a serviceObject of method type List is mapped to a smartObject method type Read, no data is returned. This has been enhanced to return results using the same methodology as a Method type read would.
  • An Object Reference error occurs in Filter grouping for SmartObjects.

K2 Installation and configuration

  • The K2 Designer For SharePoint did not register Active Directory wizards when an upgrade from K2 blackpoint 4.5 Update KB001390 to K2 blackpearl 4.5 Update KB001390 was performed.
  • Installer experienced out of Memory Issues.
  • SmartBrokerAlter script takes long to execute.
  • When using the Configuration Analysis tool on NON English systems for example French, Logon as batch Job fails to be set by the tool and the repair option is unavailable.
  • Powershell scripts have been modified to cater for more than one Additional Access URLS.


  • Deployment would not respond if a logger object was added when using the .NET 4.0 versions of the K2 Deployment API. This has been resolved to enable a .NET 4.0 version of the assembly to be added for logging puposes and the process deployment will not be affected.
  • IdentityService + URM: Added a method to the URM API to allow users to expire identities so that a refresh of the cache can be forced.

K2 Viewflow

  • The View flow auto update on the Graphs tab does not function.

Process Portals

  • Instance Management  All instance page  required sorting for high volumes.

Issue Resolutions

Install the latest K2 4.5 update to resolve the issues listed above.