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K2 smartforms 1.0 (4.12165.1.0) Known Issues List

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.

Known Issues

The following issues are currently known for the K2 smartforms 1.0 (4.12165.1.0) and include workarounds where possible:

Upgrades from Beta 2
  • Creating a new worklist item for a workflow that was created in Beta 1, upgraded to Beta 2 and then upgraded to K2 smartforms 1.0 will result in a blank task form.
    a. Re-deploy the workflow to fix this issue for any new instances that will be started.
    b. The URL for running instances that were started in Beta 1 must be manually edited and the word "Page" must be replaced with "Form.
  • An error stating “Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'Form.Control_Design'” will be displayed when a List View created in Beta 1 but not edited in Beta 2 is upgraded to K2 smartforms 1.0. If a copy is made of the original View by using the "Save As" option and then the original View is edited the error will occur.  
    a. Delete the ‘Saved As’ View.
    b. Edit the original View and Finish the wizard. Note: It is not necessary to change anything in the View as such, just select Edit and then the Finish button to ensure the View is updated on the new version.
    c. Select ‘Save As’ to create a new copy of the View.
  • It might occur that after upgrading from Beta 2, two Delete buttons will appear on a List View which will prevent the completion of editing the View.
    a. Edit the View.
    b. Remove one of the Delete buttons.
    c. Finish the View.
  • The body section of a List View that displays data was updated after Beta 2 to return or format data according to data type and not necessarily by the data received. The normal data label’s default data type (if unbound) is text, which is why it would try to render a hyperlink as text with the various HTML characters handled as special characters. After upgrading from beta 2 hyperlinks will not display as previously but rather the full HTML will be displayed as plain text.
    a. Edit the View and change the data type of the data label to “hyperlink”,
    b. Drag in an unbound “hyperlink” control, which would do the same as above, but also facilitate a similar looking UI in design time. You can now use this control to either set a default hyperlink value with the control properties or link it to an expression.
  • In certain environments after upgrading from Beta 2 to K2 smartforms 1.0 it could happen that when K2 Designer for Visual Studio is opened the Toolbox is empty.
    Reset the toolbox by right clicking on the Toolbox and selecting Reset Toolbox.

  • An error occurs when two SmartObject associations are configured using the same SmartObject with a Many to Many relationship.

  • When using SmartObject associations to return data in a "List Display" column in a List View, at runtime the Display Name or data from the associated SmartObject will not show.
  • When the layout Picture Control Properties General Height is set using a %, at runtime the control does not render as designed. This is specific to using either Firefox or Chrome as the browser. The same issue will occur when using the control in the Form designer.
  • When attempting to transfer data from one [ListDisplay] to another in a List View, the wrong data is surfaced at runtime. Currently, the transfer of data between controls in the body template of a List View is not supported.
  • At runtime on an Editable List if a multivalue SmartObject property is used and items are selected in the checkbox list control and the List is saved an error occurs.  The multivalue column shows the selected IDs but not the corresponding display values.
  • Using the List View filter at runtime to search on dates does not function correctly and the data that is returned is incorrect.
  • There is no 'Does not contain' operator available on the View runtime filter.
  • In the View Designer you are unable to resize a row vertically.
  • When a label is added and configured to an Editable List View, the label data remains blank at runtime.
  • An 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error occurs when text is typed in an output mapping value for a View method.
    Drag a field from the context menu into the output mapping field.
  • The Column size of a List or Editable List View cannot be adjusted at runtime.
  • When large font sizes are applied to Controls in a View such as Textbox, TextArea, Calendar, Lookup and dropdown will result in the control displaying at runtime with a scrollbar rather than the control resizing itself.
  • In a List View when the column order is changed, if you select to go back to the Settings step and then back to the Layout step the column order will have reverted back to the original order.
    Once the column order has been changed avoid going back to the Settings step.
  • An error occurs at runtime when a custom conditional style is applied to a date/time field. In such a scenario the first date/time field's default value is set to Today (Current Date) and  a custom conditional style is set where the Date fields cannot be empty and the start date needs to be less than the end date.
  • Dragging and dropping a button control onto a View will result in an empty system event being created for the Onclick event.
  • When a checkbox control is added to a View and the text field in the properties is removed leaving the field empty, on editing the View again the properties text field is no longer empty but is populated with 'checkbox' again. However, at runtime the field remains empty as expected.
  • When creating a blank Item View that is not bound to a SmartObject in any way, the 'All Methods' checkbox is selected when clicking back to the Settings step. At runtime the View does not show any methods as designed. 
  • Adding multiple labels to a View or Form without clicking after each addition on the design canvas results in the label text field in the properties window defaulting back to 'label' for the previous label added. 
    Enter or tab after completing the property Text value.
  • Adding a radio button control with static values to an Editable List View at runtime renders the control empty. However, running the List view will display the correct static value selected in the radio buttons.
  • Dragging a column in a List or Editable List View to a new position causes all the columns to resize to half the total drop column area.While designing a List View in the View Designer, merging a cell containing a Table Control with controls will remove the controls from  the Table Control and add them to the current cell.
    1. Merge the cell containing Table controls before adding Controls to the table.
    2. Don’t merge the cell containing the Table, but merge the cell  on the left of the cell with the cell containing the Table control.
  • On a List View where Paging is enabled you are unable to sort according to the values in an unbound column.
    1. Save data to a field and bind the column to the created field.
  • It is not possible to use a field in an expression on  a control that is bound to the same field on the View.
    1. On a List View: Drag a datalabel control to the bound column and configure the datalabel with the same expression using the desired field.
    2. On an Item View: Drag a corresponding control to the design canvas and configure the control using the desired field.
  • The Form design canvas does not scroll horizontally when attempting to drop a View to the right of another View.
    Use the right arrow button on the keyboard to move the Form to the far right. Then drop the required View in the drop zone.
  • When using a horizontal layout on a Form and the first View in a specific row is hidden, will break the layout and result in a blank Form.
  • In the Forms Designer you are unable to change or resize the view after it has been dragged onto the Form.
  • If there is more than 1 picture control on a Form hosted in Safari it is not possible to delete pictures.
  • An error is encountered when configuring rules if the name of the Form contains the special character '<'.
    a. Go back to the Details step.
    b. Rename the Form without special characters.
  • When cloning a Form by selecting the Save As option and then trying to give the Form and Views an alternate name will result in an error similar to "Another Form with the name '[FormName]' already exists. Please supply another name."
  • Changing the orientation of a View, for example changing a row to a column will result in the disproportionate rendering of a Form.
    1. Make the required orientation changes.
    2. Finish the Form wizard.
    3. Edit the Form again  and click through to Finish.
    4. The Form will render correctly now at Design and Runtime.
  • An error occurs if there are two checked out Forms using the same View with a new rule defined on Form level for an event on both the Views. The first Form must be checked in after the second Form. 
    1. Accept the error message.
    2. Check in the lastest (second) Form
    3. Check in the earlier (first) Form.

  • The incorrect Process XML fields for the selected client event are returned in the Data Mappings of the Workflow type Actions rule when designing a Form. 
  • Unable to hide an ID column in an Editable List View by configuring a Rule to hide/show a Body/Header control. At runtime the column is still visible.
  • When configuring a rule on a View and the " Send an E-mail" action is configured, it is not possible to add an attachment to the message as the Attachment Control is missing.
  • When generating the layout of a View based on a SmartObjects  containing apostrophes in the property names such as O'Rien, the Rule mappings are not created.

  • When configuring an existing "The form passes validation" Condition in the Rule Designer, the "Required" field can be checked without the "Validate" field being checked. The expected behavior would be that when the "Required" field is checked, the "Validate" field is also checked and disabled by default.
  • Changing the Dropdown List control's properties on a View will cause the "Populate a List control with data" to be added back to the "View executed Initialize" Rule after it was explicitly removed.
  • Unexpected behavior is experienced when the 'Show a message' action in the Rule Designer is configured. For example, creating a space between fields that have been dragged and dropped onto the message body moves each context field to a new line.
    Create the space or line break before dragging the required context field into the message body field.
  • The following issues are known when using the 'Send an e-mail' action in the Rule Designer.
    a. More than one e-mail address can be added to the From field.
    b. The To field is not a required field.
    c. Only the first person in the To field receives  an e-mail
    d. HTML is an available option but only Plain text is supported at present.
    d. The attachment icon is missing which only allows items from the context browser to dragged and dropped in the attachment field.
    e. Unable to change font or font size.
  • When the All Controls Validate checkbox is selected while configuring the condition 'the form passes validation' in the Rule Designer, at runtime the Form will not function as validation is expected on column headings which is not possible.
    Do not use the All Controls Validate checkbox but rather check the Validate checkbox for each individual control listed. 
  • Creating a rule on an Item View to clear all enabled controls results in controls that are disabled becoming enabled at runtime when the rule executes. The disabled rule's watermark is also removed during with the clear rules execution.
  • When a control or View is renamed the new name does not always reflect in the Form Designer at design time. The old name will still reflect in the Context Browser, Context Menu in the Rule Designer and in the Rule definition. However, at runtime the names are reflected correctly.

Workflow Designer
  • Unable to use Chinese characters for new workflow description.
  • When a workflow is built and deployed, a duplicate 'Rule Action' entry is created in the Action Settings screen when an activity's name is changed after its first deployment.
  • When selecting a few activities in the Workflow Designer with the left-mouse button and then clicking on the "Save as Template" option will result in an error that states "The clipboard isn't available in the current host". This applies to all browsers except Internet Explorer.
    a. Open K2 Designer in Internet Explorer 9.
    b. open the workflow.
    c. Select the activities and right -click.
    d. select "Save as Template".
  • Issues are encountered when workflow data fields have the same name as a standard data field, for example Priority. The workflow field is applied to the standard field rather than to the custom data field.

K2 smartforms Process Wizards
  • In K2 Designer for Visual Studio when using the SmartForms Client Event wizard the ellipsis buttons in the Action Display Settings do not function.
    Type in the required text or field data.
  • In the SmartForms Integration Wizard it is not possible to drag an XML field into the process data fields input box after supplying the page field first.
  • The two radio buttons namely, 'Use Default Version' and 'Bind Page Version to Process Version (on Deploy)' found on the Select Page and State screen of the SmartForms Client Event wizard are currently disabled and cannot be used. 
  • A warning message stating that the wizard will be cleared will be displayed when the user clicks on the dropdown arrow next to the 'Use an Existing State' option in the SmartForms Client Event.
    Click 'OK' to the warning message and continue to configure the wizard. The wizard does not get cleared even though the message states that it will be.
  • Expanding the SmartForms Server node in the context browser when adding data to the 'Transfer Process Data to a Form' screen in the SmartForms Client Event Wizard displays certain data that is not relevant to the current wizard.

SmartForms Web Part
  • An error stating "Web Part Error: Cannot import this Web Part" is displayed when a SharePoint 2010 Site Template containing the K2 SmartForms Web Part is imported and a sub site is created from the template.
    Configure the K2 smartforms Web Part manually.
  • If a form is designed to use a specific theme and is then configured to be a subform to another Form with a different theme, the subform must inherit the same theme as the parent Form. This however fails to occur when a Form with a subform is added to the SmartForms Web Part. The parent and subform will display in different themes. 

  • Silverlight is not supported when using the Chrome browser on a Mac operating system. This will result in issues when working in the K2 Workflow Designer which requires Silverlight. For more information on Silverlight and browser support see http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/Get-Started/Install/Default.aspx.
  •  Silverlight is not supported when using the Safari browser on Windows operating system. This will result in issues when working in the K2 Workflow Designer which requires Silverlight. For more information on Silverlight and browser support see http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/Get-Started/Install/Default.aspx.
  • Issues with SmartObjects and Views will be experienced when using Internet Explorer (64 bit) as Silverlight is not supported on 64 bit.
  • At runtime using Safari as the browser a Form containing a View in which a SmartObject property is of type memo, will result in the scrollbar not displaying when data is added.
    Set the default row's value to at least 5 in the designer under the control properties.
  • When using Chrome or Safari to design Forms in the Views collapsible and expandable functionality does not work when the site loads for the first time or after a refresh.
    Finish the Form
    Select Edit from the finish page to edit the Form.
    The collapse and expand icon will function.
  • When selecting a few activities in the Workflow Designer with the left-mouse button and then clicking on the "Save as Template" option will result in an error that states "The clipboard isn't available in the current host". This applies to all browsers except Internet Explorer.
    a. Open K2 Designer in Internet Explorer 9.
    b. open the workflow.
    c. Select the activities and right -click.
    d. select "Save as Template".
  • In Internet Explorer 8 when editing an editable List, if the first column is selected the last column will also be selected. If the column style is selected the last column's header will appear as the data instead of the first columns.
    Workaround: Internet Explorer 9 is recommended for design time and Internet Explorer 8 can be used at runtime if required.
  • In certain browsers when an existing Form is edited, on opening the Form steps through each View and Control on the Form in the context browser and highlights each one in green on the design canvas before the user can start editing the Form.

  • Issues will be experienced when using K2 smartforms on an Android or Windows mobile device.
  •  The validation function on Expressions at design time does not validate field Types correctly which could result in an error at runtime.
  • Using a preconfigured expression on a control bound to a field that is used in the same expression causes an infinite loop. At runtime the browser will be unresponsive. 
  • An error stating "Illegal operation attempted on registry key that has been marked for deletion" may occur when trying to use the K2 Designer when smartforms is installed in an environment using a Windows Server 2008.
    Restart the K2 Server.
  • When renaming an existing Category a user is able to rename the Category to that of another existing Category and thereby creating a duplicate category.
  • When an i button is clicked in the K2 SmartForms Runtime site a 404 error will occur. The i buttons affected are:
    • Login screen
    • Hyperlink popup
    • Picker search modal
    • List View Filtering popup
    • Advanced Filter option
    1. open the Design Time site.
    2. Browse to [install drive]\k2 blackpearl\K2 SmartForms Designer and copy the Documentation folder.
    3. Browse to the Runtime Site and paste the Documentation folder in [install drive]\k2 blackpearl\K2 SmartForms Runtime.
  • When creating a workflow in K2 Designer for SharePoint the user is able to click Next without selecting a Form on the User Form screen even though the Form and State fields are marked as mandatory.
    Navigate back to the User Form screen and reconfigure by selecting the required Form and State.