Running K2 on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 requires a Microsoft Update


When planning to install or after installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6, ensure that the latest Microsoft update is installed for .NET 4.6. If the update is not installed, issues might occur within K2. These issue include:

  • Intermittent errors
  • Intermittent crashes

If you experience these issues with K2 components running on .NET 4.6 or any other stability issues, install the update per the Resolution section of this article.

Important: Visual Studio 2015 installs and uses .NET Framework 4.6 by default. When using Visual Studio 2015, ensure that the .NET 4.6 update is also installed.


The Microsoft update is included in Windows Update or it can be downloaded from Microsoft KB3086251.

For more information on the issue see the .NET engineering team's blog post  RyuJIT Bug Advisory in the .NET Framework 4.6