When running the K2 smartforms Setup Manager to re-configure or repair your K2 environment, the SharePoint integrated workflows association to their respective SharePoint lists are broken. This results in new workflows failing to start automatically and no new instances can be started. Only workflows deployed from K2 Studio or K2 for Visual Studio are affected.


  1. Create a SharePoint integrated workflow in K2 Studio.
  2. Deploy and go to your List or Library.
  3. Select an Item and load the K2 Workflows item from the Context Menu.
  4. Your deployed workflow is listed.
  5. Run the K2 4.7 smartforms Setup Manager and select Configure or Repair and complete the wizard.
  6. Go to the K2 Workflows Context Menu in SharePoint and look for the workflow. See that the drop down list is empty and the workflow no longer appears in the list.

 The workflows are deleted from certain tables in the K2 database when running the K2 smartforms Setup Manager.

If you have already upgraded to K2 4.7 and have experienced this issue, redeploy your affected K2 workflows in K2 Studio or K2 for Visual Studio. This will recreate the association with the SharePoint List or Library. If you have not yet upgraded to K2 4.7 download K2 smartforms 4.7 (4.16060.2000.3) from K2 Partner and Customer Portal and run the Setup Manager.