Code Fix: Unable to start a workflow using a Form with Anonymous authentication

Issue Description

When the machine hosting the K2 server is configured in workgroup mode, designing a form with Anonymous authentication and using this form to start a workflow results in an error when the workflow starts.

Error Message

The error states that: “Server is not configured for Windows Authentication”.


  1. Ensure you have K2 Five RTM installed.
  2. Get the K2 Five RTM FP4 from Regional Support.
  3. Install the K2 Five RTM FP4 to apply the fix.
  4. Add the following entry to <appSettings> section in the [INSTALLDIR]\K2 smartforms Runtime\ web.config file:
    • <add key=”NonIntegratedSecurityLabels”value=”K2SQL”/>
    • <add key=”ExplictAuthUser”value=”MachineName\AdminUser”/>
    • <add key=”ExplictAuthUserPassword”value=”Password”/>
  5. Refresh the browser cache.