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Known Issue: Cannot deploy a package on a SharePoint Subsite, status shows Unsuitable item message

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When you deploy a package to a subsite and you try to map it to an existing SharePoint list, you see an Unsuitable Item message in the Status column.


When you click the More Info link, you see an Incompatibility Found dialog that states The selected Target Object is not supported by K2 as shown in the following image.



The issue is with a SharePoint method that splits a relative URL and creates a list of URLs. It then uses these parts to create the hierarchy as in the following example:

Relative URL = site/site

Root Site = https://portal.denallix.com

Part 1 = site

Root Site + Part 1 = https://portal.denallix.com/site

The method uses this URL to query SharePoint, but it only has permissions on https://portal.denallix.com/site/site. This causes the permission issue and the error.


In SharePoint, you create a site structure that has subsites going down more than one level. Example of this structure as shown below:

Portal - https://portal.denallix.com

Subsite A - https://portal.denallix.com/SubSiteA

Subsite B - https://portal.denallix.com/SubSiteA/SubSiteB

You then break permission inheritance on all the subsites. You add a user who only has access to SubSite B site. This means they cannot access Portal or SubSite A. When this user deploys a package to SubSite B and tries to map to the existing SharePoint list, the Unsuitable Item status shows.


This is a known error. Solve this by giving the person deploying the package access to the entire site.