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Bypass Login Page when Accessing SmartForms


This article describes how you can bypass the login screen when accessing SmartForms sites. If you want to allow users to log in to a form without needing to select an authentication method, you must set up a realm in your claims configuration to use a single issuer such as the K2 Windows STS or the K2 Forms STS.

The login page is shown if there is more than one linked issuer configured for the realm (the site URL). To bypass this page and let users log in directly, make sure there is only one linked issuer for the realm.

See the K2 Five User Guide for more information on Claims configuration.

In most cases when you want to bypass the login page, you have more than one SmartForms runtime site. Use this high-level guidance and the links to bypass the login page:

  1. Create a secondary runtime site as described in the Configuring a secondary SmartForms Runtime site topic (K2 Installation and Configuration Guide) to allow users to log in with a different user manager, such as SQLUM.
  2. Configure it to bypass the login page for this secondary site by creating a realm for the site and linking only the K2 Forms STS issuer to it. As described in the Configuring a secondary SmartForms Runtime site topic, the K2SQL label is linked to the K2 Forms STS issuer, but you can substitute any configured label.


  1. The final step is editing the web.config file for the secondary site to change the realm from the original site to the new site.


When you browse to the secondary site, you are prompted to enter your credentials without choosing an issuer.