Issue Description

When you attempt to create an Editable List view based on a SharePoint SmartObject or SharePoint Attachment SmartObject, the page becomes unresponsive with a spinner displaying. If you click Finish it seems as if the view created successfully, however when opening the view, the page becomes unresponsive again.


  1. Ensure you have K2 Five (5.3) installed.
  2. Download the K2 Five (5.3) FP5 from K2 Partner and Customer Portal.
  3. Install the K2 Five (5.3) FP5 to apply the fix.
  4. It is recommended to refresh the browser cache.


If the view was saved before applying the fix, it will remain in an unrecoverable state, and needs to be deleted. After applying the fix, any new view created, will function correctly as expected.