Issue Description

When you deploy a package with K2 Package and Deployment, and the package contains a K2 Role with the same name as an existing K2 Role in the target environment, a conflict error occurs due to the role GUID not matching the one on the target environment.

Error Message

The following conflict error displays in K2 Package and Deployment: “Role failed to deploy. K2 service account does not have modify rights on the role”.


The fix is available in the following K2 versions:

K2 4.7 March 2018 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.0) September 2018 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.1) November 2018 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.2) May 2019 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.3)
X X X X Fix Pack 30
  1. Ensure you have the correct K2 version and/or Cumulative Update installed. See KB001893 to see what Fix Pack level you have installed.
  2. Download the latest Fix Pack using the links in the table above for the version you require.
  3. Install the Fix Pack to apply the fix.
  4. Re-deploy the package


After installing this Fix Pack, the option to overwrite a K2 Role will no longer be available in the Microsoft Management Console user interface when you deploy a package using K2 Package and Deployment.