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Known Issue: Deploying a package that contains "Navigate to Form" actions results in circular merging errors



When you deploy a package that contains Navigate to Form rule actions, circular merging errors can occur. In this scenario,  errors occur because the form references a view, then the view references the form using Navigate to Form events; this results in endless loop and rule merging issues and errors.

The issue can surface in the following ways: 

  • SmartObject properties not being recognized
  • Missing and broken rules
  • Layout errors on the deployed forms and views on the target environment

Figure 1: Unrecognized SmartObject properties in view rules

Figure 2: Layout and Rule errors on a view on the target environment

Figure 3: Layout errors on forms in the target environment


To get around the circular merging errors, replace the Navigate to Form actions with Navigate to URL actions on the views that reside on your forms, repackage the forms and views and redeploy the updated package to your target environment.

The symptoms described may not always be a result of this specific issue. If swapping the Navigate to Form actions with Navigate to Url actions, re-packaging and deploying do not resolve these problems, further investigation may be necessary.