When deploying your project via K2 Studio, you may run into the following issue:


"The SmartObject [SmartObjectName] used in [Reference] could not be found."


This will happen once you try to Deploy your project.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to deploy your project, and this error will halt you from continuing any further.

Troubleshooting Steps

The issue may occur when you delete your SmartObject from the SmartObject Service Tester tool without first removing the reference from the K2 Studio project:


The reason this issue is occuring is because the reference to the deleted SmartObject still exists within the K2 Studio project. If your activities within your project are no longer making use of this SmartObject, the reference may still exist in the following location:

Process/Activity Data > References 

To resolve the issue, remove the relevant reference:


You should now be able to deploy your K2 Studio project successfully.