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Case Management Framework interferes with event notifications

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K2 SmartActions are failing randomly every so often when a user replies to a K2 task email to complete it. The following error occurs :

"The server could not process your message due to an internal error.
Please contact support. ({date}) The full error from the K2 server is 'Exception of type 'SourceCode.SmartObjects.Client.SmartObjectException' was thrown.'."

This does not happen to all replies and seem to be at random.


Enabled full SmartObject logging on the environment.
The issue no longer occurred when kicking off the workflow and responding with a SmartAction mail with more than 100 characters in the subject field.
Disabled the full SmartObject logging and the error re-occurs.

Turning on full K2 Hostserver logging to get more info on the error displayed:
"The 'Subject' property has a too long value for type Text. The maximum length allowed is 100 characters."

Right above the error it was noted [Case Management] then the error displayed pointing us to investigate "Case Management Framework" which is a custom third-party tool.

Opening the CMF SmartObject via the tester tool and verifying that CMF was listening to all notification mails that get sent out and could conclude that "Case Management Framework" was the issue.


Changing the Subject property in Designer from Text to Memo resolves this error from occurring.

Due to the nature of Case Management Framework, it is the thread handling timing that is most likely the cause of this issue not occuring when full SmartObject logging is enabled.