When running the 'Manage App Activation' under the Administration section of K2 for SharePoint, the following error appeared:


The following error is present in the HostServer Logs:

"Error","General","0","ErrorMessage","IntegrationService.Execute","0 SourceCode.Hosting.Exceptions.APICommunicationException: Error Receiving Buffer:An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 size, SocketFlags socketFlags) at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.SocketBaseAPIConnection.OnReceiveBuffer(Byte[]& recvBuff) at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnection.ReceiveData(ValueType& hd) 
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnection.ReceiveData(ValueType& hd)

at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnection.WindowsAuthentication(SCConnectionStringBuilder connectionStringBuilder)

at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnection.Authenticate(String connectionString)

at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.SocketBaseAPIConnection.OnOpen(SCConnectionStringBuilder connectionStringBuilder)

at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnectionBroker.OnOpen(SCConnectionStringBuilder connectionStringBuilder)

at SourceCode.Hosting.Client.BaseAPI.BaseAPIConnection.Open(String connectionString)

at SourceCode.SmartObjects.Services.SharePoint.Integration.Execution.Execute.ManageSolutionDesignerServerRights(String siteUrl, String groupIds, Boolean removeUnspecified)

at SourceCode.SmartObjects.Services.SharePoint.Integration.Execution.Execute.ManageK2ApplicationSettings(ServiceInstance Service)

at SourceCode.SmartObjects.Services.SharePoint.Integration.IntegrationService.Execute(). Additional info: IntegrationService.Execute."


This could be as a result of a mismatch between the WorkflowServer Host name and the Host name received from the K2 Server.


To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

1. Decrypt the K2HostServer.exe.config file

  • Stop the K2 Blackpearl server service
  • Backup the "K2HostServer.exe.config" file
  • Create a directory on the C:\ drive - "C:\Temp"
  • Make a copy of the "K2HostServer.exe.config" to "C:\Temp" directory
  • Rename the K2HostServer.exe.config in the "C:\Temp" directory it to "web.config"
  • Run Command Prompt in Administrator Mode
  • Run 'cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319' to change directory to this framework version
  • Run 'aspnet_regiis.exe -pdf "connectionStrings" "C:\Temp"'
  • This command will decrypt the encrypted 'connnectionStrings' section

2. In the web.config file search for 'connectionStrings' and in the connectionStrings section search for 'WorkflowServer'

Please note that there are 2 'connectionStrings' sections, one of them are commented out

3. Change the Host from the fully qualified name to the PC name:

e.g. to Host=K2server

4. Rename the web.config file to 'K2HostServer.exe.config'

5. Copy the K2HostServer.exe.config to the following directory: '\K2 Blackpearl\Host Server\Bin'

6. Start the K2 Blackpearl Server Service.