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Get Documents method is failing. Error message appears: "Identifier is too long. Maximum length is 128 characters"

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After the copy document step (executing Get Documents method) an error message appears about maximum length being too long:

'Identifier.. is too long. Maximum length is 128'

The identifier that starts with ’_x0034__x002d_column_x0020_Name_x0020__x0028_Properties_x002c
__x0020_Pg1_x002c__x0020_ __x0020_docx_x002c__x0020_’ is too long.
Maximum length is 128.


The SharePoint column(s) are created with an internal name containing more than 128 characters. View the internal name for a SharePoint column by browsing to the List Settings > Edit Column and look at the QueryString. This will be url encoded but it is a simple way of retrieving the internal name.

After decoding, the actual field name in this example is "4th Step Review" but it contains extra ASCII characters from when the field was created. This can happen if the field name was copied/pasted from MS Word.






Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this issue, delete the column and re-create it. The SmartObjects can then be re-generated for the SharePoint library/list.