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Unchecking the 'Destination User' option for Email Event does not undo the previous setting

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Unchecking the 'Destination User' option for Email Event does not undo the previous setting, resulting in duplicate emails being sent when switching to use the 'Specify' option.


1. Email event was configured to use the 'Destination User' option via the Advanced Destination Rule > Plan Per Destination > Resolve all roles and groups to users. When configured for a group/role with 2 users, this in affect had sent one email to each users of this role/group in which the recipient will only see his/her account as the sole recipient in the "To:" field.

2. A design change was made to Uncheck the 'Destination User' option and use the 'Specify' option, and dragging in the same group/role into the "To:" field. This in turn will result in an auto-configuration of the 'Users and Groups' SmartObject > Get E-mail for Group Users/Role Users method that will return a semicolon delimited list of email addresses. This should have the effect that a single email will be sent out to each user of the role/group, but the "To:" field will indicate all of the recipient emails of the group/role.

However, the behavior is that each users of the Role/Group will receive duplicate emails up to the count of users within that role/group. So instead of receiving one email that list all of the recipient in the "To:" field, each user (in the case detailed above) received 2 duplicate emails.

This is expected behavior such that unchecking the "Destination User" option will not reset the Plan Per Destination configuration; this will need to be done manually if switching back to the "Specify" option.

This is only applicable for workflow designed in 'K2 Studio/K2 for Visual Studio'.


If unchecking the "Destination User" option and moving back to "Specify" option; you will also need to reconfigure the Advanced Destination Rule back to Plan Just Once.