Using the SaveAsPDF control causes the form to freeze.


Executing the PDF Converter SmartObject from the SmartObject Service Tester causes the tool to become unresponsive and "hang". Stopping the ExpertPDF HTML To PDF Engine process brings the tool back up, and the following error appears:

Could not get conversion result header. Data receive timeout.


Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this issue: 

  1. Open the SmartObject Service Tester
  2. Navigate to ServiceObject Explorer > PDF Converter > PDF Converter
  3. Right-click the PDF Converter service instance and select Edit Service Instance
  4. Edit the following Service Keys: useWebkit = true and serializeResources = true
  5. Click on Next to update the service instance
  6. Recreate the PDF Converter SmartObject using the same GUID (Get Existing GUID)