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Workflow API Version change breaks Microsoft Flow Configuration

This article was created in response to a support issue logged with K2. The content may include typographical errors and may be revised at any time without notice. This article is not considered official documentation for K2 software and is provided "as is" with no warranties.


In this scenario you are using the Workflow Rest API which is connected to Microsoft Flow. The purpose is to be able to start workflows to update SmartObjects that are tied to CRM, however when the API version is changed from preview (beta) to V1 on the management page for K2, this then breaks the connection in flow and the data field mappings will need to be remapped for this to be fixed.


The base URL and path appendix changes once the API version is changed. This is not reflected within Microsoft Flow. Due to the version change with no reflection to Microsoft Flow, some parts of the workflow will have to be reconfigured as they will appear in an error state

Troubleshooting Steps

Below is information on how this works: 

Each version has its own unique swagger and its own individual URL.  As it currently is, on the management page the drop-down is just a way to show the URL for each version. This should not alter the configuration on the server side, this should just allow you to download the right swagger version. When using Microsoft Flow you should be able to choose what version you would like to use, but this would depend on the functionality of each version. Currently our latest update should be able to handle both.

Further information on versions:

V1 got launched with K2 Cloud U2 and no changes occurred since then and no changes will be occurring here in the future except for bug fixes. V1 swagger will remain intact. So whatever flow created here, using V1 should always work.

• With Preview, K2's goal is to continually add new functionalities as they are completed and changes will be occurring here regularly. Preview will eventually divert.

Flows using Preview may fail in the future.

• When V2 comes out, the existing flows that are using V1 won’t break. However, if you do decide to use V2 then you will need to create a new connector/flow or update the existing work to use V2.

So whenever K2 comes out with new functionality it will be first deployed in Preview. This will allow you to test and alter as you please. You could keep your existing V1 connector/flow working in production and test out the new stuff available in Preview using another connector that points to Preview. 

For future reference if you do run into this issue, it would be best to determine if this is a Microsoft issue or a K2 issue. The most appropiate way to do this would be to make the REST call from the browser or from the Swagger User Interface.